Questions to Ask When Searching for a Biological Dentist

  1. Does the office use digital x-rays only? You want individual as well as panoramic x-rays to be digital which has about 90% less radiation exposure.

  2. Is there a mercury separator on the office plumbing to prevent mercury pollution of water supplies? It is critical to protect our environment water supply from the mercury coming from dental offices. Our office uses OSHA-approved mercury filters to remove the mercury which our city water supply filters cannot remove.

  3. Is this a mercury-free practice? If, “yes”, Are they also mercury-safe? Mercury-free dentists make a choice not to place any new mercury fillings Mercury-safe dentists follow strict protocols when removing mercury fillings to minimize the exposure of mercury vapor to the patient, staff and the environment.

  4. What kinds of protective barriers are used in your office during removal of existing mercury fillings? Eye protection for patient and staff, nasal coverage with alternate air supply for the patient and gas masks for staff, oversized drapes to cover patients.

  5. Does your doctor use a dental dam during mercury filling removal? A non-latex dental dam is most commonly used and even better, with a suction tip under the dam to pick up mercury vapors.

  6. How do you keep from heating up the mercury filling during removal? Copious amounts of cool water are sprayed on the point of contact of the drill with the filling, in addition to the water spray coming from the dental handpiece.

  7. How is the room air protected? During mercury filling removal, two high volume suctions are at the site of mercury filling removal to pick up mercury vapors and mercury fillings Biological Dentists typically have air filters and ion generators in treatment rooms to help with air purification.

  8. How is the mercury filling removed from the tooth? Using new burs, Biological dentists are careful about removing mercury fillings in “chunks” to minimize vaporization and tissue contact with mercury material.