Proven Results

Proven Results with Eccovision Doppler

Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometryproven-results

Our practice uses the Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer / Rhinometer to test the nasal and oral airways. The device sends sound waves into the airway and the reflected sound waves are
measured by the machine to tell us how big the airway is. The Rhinometer measures the nasal airway and the Pharyngometer measures the oral airway. Both systems are FDA cleared and a highly effective way for us to identify the site and severity of airway collapse as it related to snoring and sleep related breathing problems.

This device shows Dr. McVicker the exact jaw position to provide the best possible results for the fabrication of your oral sleep apnea appliance.  After you have been wearing the appliance for several weeks, we then confirm the results with an at-home sleep study.