No Shot, No Drilling Fillings!

What is air abrasion?

Air abrasion is a process in which a special handpiece removes decay by propelling a stream of clean dry air mixed with tiny abrasive particles onto the surface of the tooth. It is most effectively used for removal of small discolorations and stains, and repair or replacement of small fillings. It can be used to expose hidden cavities, which we can then remove and restore with a filling material.

The advantages of air abrasion

Air abrasion has a number of advantages over traditional techniques:

  • There’s no vibration
  •  Little or no heat is generated
  • There’s usually no need for anesthetic, so that uncomfortable numb feeling is avoided
  • We can precisely remove a minimal amount of tooth structure, preserving more of your natural tooth

Air abrasion is a wonderful mew technology that allows us to remove the smallest possible amount of tooth structure, and enables us to place strong, natural looking restorations in only a short amount of time.