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The Model:
Stephanie Meisberger, Miss Ohio 2001

The Artist:
Michael C. McVicker, D.D.S.

Masters graduate in dental cosmetics at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute For Advanced Dental Studies; author and speaker for cosmetic and high-tech dentistry.

The Studio:
A state of the art dental boutique where new smiles are designed and self-confidence soars with the magic of a dazzling smile! (more>>)

Our state-of-the-art studio and doctor are excited to bring to you the latest advances in modern cosmetic dentistry. Our practice has a vision of patient care which breaks the mold of the typical dental visit. We want to exceed your expectations by providing the highest level of service possible in an attractive, comfortable environment. The smile you've dreamed about is now a reality thanks to recent advances in cosmetic dentistry. Come inside and discover the possibilities!
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If you would like to have an “exceptional smile”, call us to schedule a cosmetic imaging visit to explore the possibilities!

Click on the MDTV link to view Dr. McVicker's televised interview. Dr. McVicker has been honored with the MDTV National Medical Expert Award and is featured on MDTV Medical News Now as GuestMedical Expert.
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